Vol. 6 No. 3 (2015)
Reports & Reviews

RIMMF and Olisuite/WeCat by @cult, or how to implement RDA

Published 2015-09-15


  • RDA,
  • Semantic web,
  • Wecat

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Lambroni, Giovanna. 2015. “RIMMF and Olisuite/WeCat by @cult, or How to Implement RDA”. JLIS.It 6 (3):175-80. https://doi.org/10.4403/jlis.it-11491.


The contribution discusses some considerations on the changes of the bibliographic universe, with particular attention to the changes due to the application of RDA guidelines on cataloguing and considering also a new-generation ILS presented on May 27th 2015 during a seminar held at the University of Florence. Developed by @Cult, the ILS Olisuite/WeCat allows the generation of bibliographic descriptions by creating data in Linked Open Data compatible format, while taking into account the relevant of records created with MARC21. Theoretical and technological models of reference are BIBFRAME and Semantic Web protocols, which are essential for a catalogue based on the functions to "identify" and to "connect" entities using the entities and relationships attributes.


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