Vol. 7 No. 1 (2016)
Reports & Reviews

Towards the integration of archives, libraries and museums

Silvia Bruni
MAB Toscana
Anna Lucarelli
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Firenze
Maria Grazia Pepe
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Firenze
Marco Rulent
European University Institute

Published 2016-01-15


  • Archivi,
  • Biblioteche,
  • Musei,
  • Catalogazione,
  • Metadati,
  • Musei / Archives,
  • Cataloging,
  • Libraries,
  • Metadata
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How to Cite

Bruni, Silvia, Francesca Capetta, Anna Lucarelli, Maria Grazia Pepe, Susanna Peruginelli, and Marco Rulent. 2016. “Towards the Integration of Archives, Libraries and Museums”. JLIS.It 7 (1):225-44. https://doi.org/10.4403/jlis.it-11482.


Within the MAB Toscana a working group has been created to reflect on the possibilities of making the descriptive standards adopted in museums, archives and libraries interoperable and to test ways of cooperation and sharing of information, thus favoring usability. To this end, some significant experiences, both at national and international level, were examined. Furthermore, the possibilities and the problems arising from the introduction of models such as FRBR and RDA (as tools intended for the description of different types of documents) were investigated. This analysis is preliminary to a desirable test phase to be held in Italy, in order to verify any critical issue and develop joint projects between institutions that hold documentary collections of various kinds This cooperation is currently in an embryonic state, but a considerable potential can be already foreseen for the quality improvement of their services and the enhancement of their cultural heritage


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