Vol. 8 No. 2 (2017): Classificazione

Classification and interdisciplinary browsing: the experience at the University of Pavia

Laura Pusterla
Università di Pavia, Servizio biblioteche
Anna Bendiscioli
Università di Pavia, Servizio biblioteche
Claudio Gnoli
Università di Pavia, Servizio biblioteche
Marco Lardera
Università di Pavia, Servizio biblioteche

Published 2017-05-15


  • Dewey Decimal Classification,
  • Mapping,
  • Query expansion

How to Cite

Pusterla, Laura, Anna Bendiscioli, Claudio Gnoli, and Marco Lardera. 2017. “Classification and Interdisciplinary Browsing: The Experience at the University of Pavia”. JLIS.It 8 (2):83-91. https://doi.org/10.4403/jlis.it-12272.


The gradual adoption by the University of Pavia libraries of the classified shelving based on the Dewey Decimal Classification is presented. This has allowed developing the browsing interface  SciGator, which offers the possibility to browse through the subjects in the libraries and launch searches in the OPAC catalogue for documents shelved by their corresponding DDC classes or their local equivalents. SciGator also allows searching for documents indexed with their respective class or with a class linked to it in the network of class cross-references. The convenience and possible improvements of SciGator are discussed.


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