Vol. 9 No. 3 (2018): Wikipedia, biblioteche e archivi

The effectiveness of a Wikimedian in permanent residence: the BEIC case study

Federico Leva
Wikimedia Italia
Marco Chemello
Wikimedia Italia

Published 2018-09-15


  • BEIC,
  • Wikipedian in residence,
  • Wikidata

How to Cite

Leva, Federico, and Marco Chemello. 2018. “The Effectiveness of a Wikimedian in Permanent Residence: The BEIC Case Study”. JLIS.It 9 (3):141-47. https://doi.org/10.4403/jlis.it-12481.


Since 2015, Fondazione BEIC has continuously worked with a Wikimedian in residence sourced from Wikimedia Italia, showing how activity on Wikimedia projects is an integral part of an institution’s work on online presence. As an update to the Biblioteche oggi article of 2015, where the structure and main outputs of the partnership have been described, we outline some features of an institution’s work on the wikis.

We'll survey some aspects of content partnerships that have been hardly described in past literature: how to plan a Wikimedian in residence; some Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata tips; other legal and technical aspects useful for a library.


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