L'Archivio della Pieve di S. Severo a Legri. Inventario

Claudia Guasti
Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Firenze
June, 2006


As thesis of master in Archivistic, Biblioteconomy and Codicology, I realized the inventory of the archive of Church of S. Severo in Legri, Calenzano (Fi), starting with a suddivision of documents owned by Church in Legri and documents of the Church of S. Martino and S. Romolo in Leccio (torn down in 1986 and merged into there). It was drafted a summary list and afterwards, for the documents of Pieve in Legri, I made an inventory of registers and papers. The rearrangement started with the spotting of series named: baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and status animae (book of population actually living in the Parish) ; then, registers have been chronologically ordered. After the parish registers, the other documents have been analised, creating 27 series of archive, that often refer to just one unit, like the following cases: Legati Pii, Acli, Scuola della Dottrina Cristiana… The documentation is relatively recent. In fact, the oldest parish registers are in the Archivio Diocesiano fiorentino (1500- 1800), while some documents of the Compagnia della SS. Annunziata in Legri are preserved, with chapters of Compagnie Religiose, in the Archivio di Stato di Firenze. Each paper, each register tells something about a people. One above all, the "Cronicon" in which are reported (by different parish priests in Legri) the highlights, thoughts and oddies of a community bonded to this little "Countryside Church". I wish that my research will clarify the importance of local memory and I hope that this will be emphatized by historians.