The Archive of the Commissione Storica della Compagnia Balestrieri di Lucca [Historical Commission of the Balestrieri Company of Lucca] Inventory

Tommaso Goli
Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Università degli Studi di Firenze
June, 2006


The activity of the Commissione Storica (Historical Commission) took place between 1970 and 1977 and was entirely related to the Compagnia Balestrieri di Lucca (Balestrieri Company of Lucca), its aim being historical consultation and the promotion of cultural activities.

The Company became an association in 1970 and the Historical Commission organised a series of cultural meetings [Incontri Culturali] in 1972. It also managed the publication of the relevant acts, which were entitled "Actum Luce".

Over the years, various authors contributed to these cultural events and to the publication of the relevant acts. Later, these started to be published every six months and to include important monographic studies.

In 1977, the historical commission and the directive board of the Compagnia Balestrieri agreed to constitute an autonomous association, which they named Istituto Storico Lucchese (Historical Institute of Lucca).

Today the Institute is involved in important scientific activities and conserves the Archive of the Historical Commission. The Archive contains now about thirty unites divided into eight series: Verbals, Protocols, Correspondence, Members, Actum Luce, Subscriptions, Publication management, Accounting. The cataloguing work was based on the genealogic structure of the materials. These include epistolary, typographic, administrative and photographic material.

The archive is closed and the units numbered continually. The inventory was drafted according to the traditional 'lucchese' model and the analytical level goes as far as the single document. The activity concluded with the drafting of an analytical index. The thesis was published by the Historical Institute of Lucca in 2008 as part of a series entitled Cataloghi, Guide, Inventari (Catalogues, Guides, Inventory) with the title L'Archivio della Commissione Storica della Compagnia Balestrieri di Lucca Inventario (The Archive of the Historical Commission of the Balestrieri Company of Lucca Inventory).