A few words about the title, starting from the journal area of interest, and its technical support. is an open access online journal that uses OJS (Open Journal System), an open source publishing system.

The acronym LIS in the two different subtitles alludes to an idea of Library and Information Science that is able to look beyond the strict academic curricula, towards an interbreeding commixture of knowledge, methods, and different scientific and technical languages.

The critical look is addressed to the examination of new semantic models of representation, organization, and use of knowledge on different formats and supports; the whole in a historical prospective that aims to improve the best tradition of thoughts in the Italian and international LIS field.

That is the reason for having so a various Scientific Committee, in which the most known realities of librarianship, such as American, European and Canadian ones, come together with emerging realities of noble tradition, such as those Chinese and Iranian. The promoting committee imagined the journal as an ideal place in which the contributions of the youngest are welcome; a sort of lab for studying and researching what is new in LIS; a place for militant librarianship, with strong observations on the changes that the digital culture is bringing to cognitive processes and to professional practices.

A scientific journal, born in an academic frame work, that aims to compare itself - with unprejudicedness, independence, and freedom of thoughts - to places and forms of theorical elaboration other than those "institutional" and traditional. is a vision, a scientific point of view, or an ideal concept.

June 15th, 2010