Approval plan. Origins, contexts and prospects of an Italian case study: Casalini Libri


The article deals with the approval plan method of book acquisition. It discusses the implementation of the approval plan method in one of the few Italian companies active in the cultural sector that offers and provides libraries with this service for many years, enjoying huge success across the world.
In preparing this essay, not only the author made valuable use of the existing literature on the topic, but also of the opportunity to spend a period of time within Casalini Libri, the company described above,
where she was able to follow the different phases of the approval plan workflow, benefitting from first-hand explanations and clarification on procedures, direct contact and conversations both with approval selectors and the company directors.
In order to provide a full overview of the topic, some interviews were held with various directors and heads of acquisitions and library systems of a number of Italian libraries.
From this article it can be concluded that approval plans are a highly valuable acquisition method still today.

Although economic issues must not be ignored when determining the reasons for which libraries decide to opt for this method, the explanation lies in social and cultural aspects such as a greater international outlook and a widening of horizons within the academic institutions served by the libraries, as well as more meticulous planning by library authorities.


Approval plan; Book acquisitions; Casalini, Mario; Collections management

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