Development of a metadata schema describing Institutional Repository content objects enhanced by ''LODE-BD'' strategies


Based on ''Guidelines for metadata creation and management in the Institutional Repositories'' (CRUI, Italy, 2012) and ''LODE-BD Recommendations'' (AIMS, 2012), and exploring other principles and strategies for qualitative development of metadata representing contents and properties of digital contents, this article presents the specific metadata profile for description of Institutional Repository information resources. This profile is allocated within a metadata schema provided by well-defined metadata terms, compilation specifications, and alignment (mapping) strategies to more specific metadata terms and value properties enabling basic metadata to become more efficient in authority control context, richer in their semantic profiles and more accessible and usable on the web by means of Linked Data sets. Developing and implementing metadata schemas aligned completely or partially with Linked Data paradigm will provide metadata exchange among different Linked Data-enabling repositories, potentiate semantic relationship browsing and querying of their contents, enable their participation in the Linked Open Data cloud and contribution to an open research commons space.


Authority file; Institutional repositories; Knowledge management; Linked data; Metadata; Persistent identifiers

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