The new ISBD Area 0 and the teaching of cataloging of non-book materials


The International Standard Bibliographic Description (ISBD) Area 0 was first included in the ISBD Consolidated Edition published in July 2011, as a replacement of the General Material Designation (GMD). This work briefly makes reference to the antecedents of area 0 and to the reasons that lead to its creation. Also, it details its structure, elements and examples of use and analyzes its compatibility with the MARC format, the RDA vocabularies and with FRBR model. Finally, in relation to the creation of this new area and to its application in the diversity of existing bibliographical resources, it reflects on the change of paradigm of cataloguing and the challenges in the teaching of cataloguing of non-book materials.


Cataloguing; FRBR; ISBD; MARC; Non-book materials; RDA

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