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Open Access: towards an effective scientific communication. New possibilities for information specialists after OAI 7 – CERN Workshop on innovations in scholarly communication, Geneva 22-24 June 2011


This is a report of the OAI7 - CERN Workshop on innovations in scholarly communication, held in Geneva; 22-24 June 2011. The workshop focused on “openness” as the pillar of a new scholarly communication system, and aimed at those involved in the development of Open Access at any level (political, economic, practical). This synthesis of the rich program that mixed practical tutorials, presentations from cutting-edge projects and research, discussion groups, posters, is intended for information specialists within the academic research framework, in order to share suggestions and to show best practices.
The captivating British Library 2020 Vision and its incisive remarks on the forthcoming library role in a challenging, changing context has been set as a sort of leading thread through which the OAI7 interventions have been gathered, enriched with some of the Open Access advocates’ thoughts and statements.


OAI7; Open Access; scholarly communication; Open Access publishing; Institutional Repositories

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