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This paper deals with lack of FRBR-zation of present online catalogues and with a way to organize on the shelves resources by FRBR entities using Colon Classification book number.
Main results of this analysis are: categories expressed by FBRB were already identified by Ranganathan in its bibliographic system; Colon classification book number allows a higher degree of arrangement of bibliographic resources, i.e. compliant to FRBR entities; also for this reason, Colon classification book number is better than Cutter-Sanborn system; in Classified Catalogue ideated by Ranganathan both the aspects of cataloguing (semantic and semiotic) are integrated; facet formula for book number is a special device that allows to switch from classification to identification of bibliographic resources, inasmuch book number is an identifying device included in a classification system.


Bibliographic arrangement; Colon classification; FRBR; Ranganathan, Shiyali Ramamrita

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