Bibliotherapy and libraries as a place of care


Bibliotherapy is the discipline that studies the potential curative use of books and reading: it was born only in the Twentieth century, even though the therapeutic function of books was already evident since ancient times.
This subject has different application methods and different typologies, furthermore it is applied by mental health experts but also by professionals that work in very different areas: teachers, librarians, social workers and many others. It is important to underline that it is not necessary for a bibliotherapeutic intervention to be focused
exclusively on reading; recreational activities can be part of this practice, for example the free ones offered in some public libraries that represent a support means for the user in need. Lastly, Bibliotherapy is a process through which a person can learn to take herself as an object of study to solve her problems and to improve herself.


Bibliotherapy; Libraries; Books; Reading; Support; Covid19.

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