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The Swiss library context between innovation and tradition: the Swiss National Library and the Münstergasse Library of Bern


In June 2018, students of the “Master di 2° livello” (Second Level Master Courses, accessible only to students that have a Second Cycle Degree or equivalent) in Archives, Library Science and Codicology of University of Florence made a study-trip to Switzerland and came into contact with the Swiss library world.
This article describes the Swiss National Library, its organization, history, services and projects in which it is involved into Swiss Confederation (i.e. E-helveticat, The Swiss Literary Archives, Bibliography on Swiss History) and internationally (such as the GND). Finally, the article describes the Münstergasse Library of Bern, that is a University and cantonal library, known internationally for its projects with incunabula.


RDA; GND; Swissbib; BSS; E-Helvetica.

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