Test the hybrid archive and launch the ERMS?


This article is a 'case report' which describes the rationalization experience accomplished on hybrid documentation - half paper and half electronic – built up over nearly thirty years in a very unique bank office such as the Historical Archives of Intesa Sanpaolo Group. It comprises not only management documents, common to any administrative organization, but also many cataloguing and internal information files, related to the working team activities.  Definitive inventories were not included in the plan, as they are stored in the xDams database.

Through the analysis of office-produced electronic documents, the project entailed the review of procedures and workflows, which lead to functions redefinition and a modernization of the office working habits. The description of what happened will therefore be useful to any administrative office.

To prepare the basis of this challenging project we scrutinized studies on organization issues and digital resources management. Alongside university textbooks, it was above all important to study working methods already applied elsewhere by reading guidelines, articles, policies and case studies.

At that point, work was divided into several phases, which can be summarized in: on-going dialogue with staff members, careful and meticulous analysis of all kind of documents and their application software, the study, selection and retention of duplicate or not definitive documents (such as minutes, drafts, semi-finished studies), the comparison between paper and hybrid archives and their coexistence, and finally the reaching of a new and definitive management system and a related tree network.


hybrid archives; records management; ERMS; business archives

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