Reports from the Program for Cooperative Cataloging Task Groups on URIs in MARC & BIBFRAME


The Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) is an international cataloging community that seeks to create trusted, high quality metadata to meet user needs. Part of that mission includes developing best practices for emerging information systems as well as maintaining current standards. This paper sheds light on the works of the PCC task groups involved with developing best practices for linked data in the last couple of years, Task Group on URIs in MARC and BIBFRAME.

The Task Group on URIs conducted a pilot test, compiled findings and comments that served the foundation of several MARC proposals at the 2016 and 2017 American Library Association Annual and Midwinter meetings. The goal of the proposed refinements and expansion of usage of these MARC subfields, e.g. $0, $4, is to prepare and extend the richness of library data to the wider information world with little programmatic intervention.

The BIBFRAME Task Group’s charge is to develop community standards and practice for linked data, focusing on BIBFRAME. The group's initial efforts focus on mapping elements from the CONSER Standard Record (CSR) and BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) BIBFRAME version 2 ontology.

Both Task Groups’ efforts are to benefit and assist information professionals and researchers conducting their work utilizing Web as a service (WaaS) beyond the traditional library data silos.


PCC; URI; IRI; MARC; BIBFRAME; Cataloging; Linked data; RDF; Triple; Ontology; Vocabulary; BSR; CSR.

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